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Hi, I'm Lou Rivera and I am the man behind Loominate Productions. Congratulations on your engagement, and I thank you for being here reading this.


My favorite part about filming weddings is we get to share such an intimate day together that I not only get to make you an everlasting film, but I get to make two new, everlasting friendships. 


So here's a little about me... I am from Youngstown, Ohio. I love all humans, and will always pay for the car behind me in the Starbucks line (oh, and I'll bring you some on your wedding day! OR Red Bull OR Tequila... Whatever you're in to). I love to play music. My band's name is Fifth & Aurora and sometimes, when I get a free weekend, I'll let my hair down on stage. I've been filming weddings and commercials for local businesses for several years now and I am beyond blessed that I get do to this for a living.

My job is not only to capture every moment you two share on your wedding day, it's to tell your story. So, before even thinking about putting a camera on you, I like to take time to meet you both and be your friend first. It would be my honor to create a film for you that will live on for generations.

With Love,

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